Styling & Design

Event Society is the next big thing in corporate event styling, design and production, and we want to work with you because we live for this stuff.  We can’t wait to talk about how we can create the best event EVER, impress your boss, engage stakeholders, launch that product and reward your people, because creating heightened sensory experiences is our shtick.

We are a team of event visionaries and dreamers, creators and colour enthusiasts.  We spend our days (and nights) dreaming of fantastical ways we can bring our clients’ vision to life.  We don’t do the same thing because it worked the first time.  Because every event, every audience and every business is different.

We are constantly searching the world wide web for the latest international event trends to bring to Australian shores and create a feast for the senses.

But it’s what we wont do that make and Event Society occasion really stand out.

We won’t suggest a flower just because Kimmy K had one at her wedding.

We won’t suggest daggy themes that have been done to death because they worked in ’05.

We won’t suggest activities that have nothing to do with your event objectives or audience, just because your boss thinks they will be fun.

Our role as event  designers is to create a modern and cohesive look for the entire conference or event,  ensuring that all elements visually flow. We look at every aspect of from invitations through to catering, entertainment, audio visual and furnishings and craft every detail to ensure your event delivers on its purpose.

Our passion is to create something where nothing once was, transforming spaces that turn up the volume of reality. We are one of the best conference managementevent organiser companies australia.

Our event styling service includes:

  • Development of a creative a concept that encompasses all facets of the event
  • Sourcing of furniture and décor – all the right pieces that will work with the venue layout, and create aesthetic impact while still being practical
  • Floral design and delivery – we work with a range of floral artists, who all have different design styles. We choose the team that will best suit the brief, and create the vision collaboratively, for them to execute on the day.
  • Lighting design – one of the most important aspects of event design to create impact and atmosphere.
  • Set & prop building – we know where to go to get things, but if it’s not available, we can custom-build to client requirements
  • Stage design – creating the perfect setting for what is always the focal point of the room.
  • Management of installation and bump out– an intricate process of coordinating multiple suppliers to ensure the event come together seamlessly and on time
  • Venue Liaison – working with the venue/s to meet specific requirements such as inductions, work place health and safety and schedules.

Event styling and design goes hand in hand with event planning and management.  One of our fundamental principals of Event Society is to CREATE BEAUTY, which means we put important focus on décor, style and aesthetics of every event we plan.

So if you are looking for an event stylist in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, get in touch now.