Reviving the Great Gatsby

The Gatsby Era of the 1920’s was an event planner’s playground with the focus being THE BIGGER THE BETTER. Due to the (short-term) spike in the economy, people became more inclined to spend on flashy, elaborate, over-the-top experiences – and the iconic Flapper was born! This decade broke the conventional norms assigned to “being a lady” and paved the way for women to be more expressive… literally, as women were given the right to vote in America in 1920.

Fast forward one hundred years and we all know the twist and turns that have led us to modern society. Due to the rapidly expanding global carbon footprint, what was once an era of overabundance has transitioned into a time of sustainability. Ironically, the automobile surged in popularity in the 1920’s, and now the 2020’s will be dedicated to minimising and hopefully eliminating all fossil fuels. This poses the question: WWGD? (What Would Gatsby Do?)

In the event space, it’s likely Gatsby would still embrace luxury and opulence, but what does that look like in 2020, when sustainability is key and event-goers have already been there and done the traditional Gatsby look a million times before.  When the Great Gatsby movie hit our screens in 2013, we immediately saw an upsurge in events with this theme.  Dramatic colour schemes like gold and black and emerald green were paired with towering feather centerpieces and scintillating performances from cheeky dancers and spectacular specialty acts.  When Kris Jenner turned 60 in 2015, she showed the world what a celebration looks like with a cool Gatsby budget of $2Mil…ahhh… an event planners dream!  You can check out some of the RIDIC details here.

So – this begs the question:  Should we continue to do a different version of the same thing?  Do we do the same styling and entertainment that has already been doing the rounds for too many years?  Or in 2020, do we reinvent the Gatsby look in a modern and exciting way?

There’s no question.

In 2020, event expectations are high.  Guests have been there, done that and seen it all.  Your audience are educated more than ever before through social media, reality TV and the world wide web on extraordinary events, and they are what set the bar.

We don’t want to meet expectations of what they *think* a Gatsby event should look like…we want to defy them, and this cannot be done by hosting a pretty party with a food and beverage package and feather centrepieces.  These types of events are rarely remarkable, and mostly forgettable.

This year, a Great Gatsby event needs to be more than just planned.  It needs to be insightful and creative with a thorough thought process into human behavior to really make an impact on a person’s mind.  Because that’s what we want right?  We want to deliver your message so that it lives on in their memories long after the ballroom doors close.

We believe that all corporate events need to be crafted, like a successful and clever marketing campaign, to deliver your objectives, and further the message and brand of your company.  That’s why the event is created in the first place.

At Event Society, we turn up the volume of reality, through heightened sensory experiences to make your audience feel something.  Maya Angelou said “People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”.  That’s what we want – for your Gatsby themed event to be truly unforgettable.

So – what does this event look like?

It looks like immersive lighting installations that captivate people’s attention and pull them into the moment.

Tables are mapped with projections, to eliminate the need for elaborate décor and stationary.

No feathers – especially no real feathers because the cruel process that makes them available to us is barbaric.  If you absolutely must have feathers, be sure they are synthetic.

Bold colour schemes are switched for something more pastel and bright, mixing fresh and dried flowers and incorporating crystal drops and metallics for modern glamour.

Thematic backdrops are replaced by huge LED screens with moving graphics that can be customised and rotated throughout the evening to completely change the look of the room.

Phones are confiscated at the start of the evening by a theatrical performer and locked away in a box in the centre of the table.  Tonight is not a night for distraction…tonight is a moment to be immersed in this fantasy world we have created especially for you.

Every aspect of the event is considered and delivered in the most sustainable way possible.  Event flowers are collected and delivered to nursing homes and hospitals.  Excess food is donated to Oz Harvest.  Reusable cable ties are used so tiny plastic tails don’t end up in landfill.  Plastic Gaffa Tape is replaced with an eco-friendly solution.  Rubbish is separated in different bins to be composted or recycled and the menu is sourced from local growers.  Paper invitations are replaced with e-invites, and all furniture and décor is hired rather than purchased so it can be re-used again and again.

The 1920’s may have been an event planner’s shiny dream, but with the technological advances of our day, we can create events that Gatsby could only imagine. Artificial intelligence along with virtual reality (immersed in a new reality) and augmented reality (combines reality with virtual reality) enable us to create worlds that are truly one-of-a-kind. I look forward to the day when holograms are employed in place of event décor =)

The 1920’s was a time of great change, and in 2020, we are leading the way for the next wave of event greatness.

Join us.

Event Society is an Event planning, styling and management company based in Queensland.  We predominantly service Brisbane and the Gold Coast but have capability to create corporate events and conferences Australia wide.  As an event organiser in Brisbane, we have an experienced and well-connected team that enables us to provide the best conference management services in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.  If you are looking for a conference or event planner to manage your corporate event, we would love to chat with you to discuss strategy and planning that will deliver on your objectives and deliver your message.  Our desire is to design your event from conceptual stages, especially if it is being held on the Gold Coat or Brisbane.  We look beyond simply theming, to understand how we can design the event to create a series of unforgettable moments that will live on in the minds of your guests long after the event concludes.