Environmental Policy

We take sustainability seriously, and in an industry that can be exceptionally wasteful, Event Society considers small processes that have a big impact on our planet.  There are also the big issues such as emissions created from travel, energy usage and waste.  Now, more than ever before it is vital that corporate event planners across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and throughout Australia consider how to host sustainable events.

Below are some of the procedures we have adopted to minimise environmental event impact.


This is nasty stuff, packed with carcinogenic chemicals and it is not degradable. It’s unsafe for florists to use over extended periods, and either ends up putrefying in landfill, or seeping into waterways, breaking down into harmful micro-plastic. So – we have made it a requirement for our florists not to use it in any arrangements.  We invite other corporate event planners who may have stumbled across this page to do the same.


Balloons are getting a bad rap at the moment, and rightly so after years and year of harmful use. But not all balloons are created equal, and in our designs, we use only Qualatex balloons which are 100% biodegradable latex, and are always disposed of properly.  If you are planning a corporate event and want to use balloons but have further concerns, we can direct you to additional resources.


These handy little plastic ties are used in the hundreds at every corporate event. They secure draping, rigging and signage, with the plastic “tail” cut off the end so they look neat. These little tails are usually thrown into the bin, straight to landfill, or discarded on the floor to be swept up and ending up in the same place.   In an effort to reduce single use plastics, we only ever buy re-useable cable ties at our events, which completely eliminates this waste.


Onsite at corporate events, we bring our own bins, and these filter rubbish into different areas.

Soft plastics are separated, and sent to COLES who uses them to make school furniture.

Green waste goes to a compost that ends up nourishing our gardens and anything recyclable is put in a separate bin to go to the recycling facility.

This just leaves a small amount of general waste that is not accounted for above.  We encourage event venues across the Gold Coast and Brisbane to adopt this practice if they haven’t already.


General supplies are ordered through Eco office supplies, for everything related to

  • Bathroom – tissues, hand wash, air freshener
  • Stationery – Paper, Cardboard, Post-its, Mailers & Labels, Envelopes, Filing, Notebooks, Diaries, Calendars, Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, White Out, Desk & Office Organisation
  • Single use Kitchen items (cups, straws, serviettes, napkins, plates, bowls, cutlery, Paper Towels)
  • Cleaning – Bio alternatives for Surface & Glass cleaner, Dish Soap, Laundry liquid. Timber brushes/brooms etc. Home-made cleaners with essential oils.


Tealight candles are cheap, but they are made with harmful paraffin wax that releases toxic fumes when burnt. Our tealight candles are hand-poured with pure soy wax, and even have an essential oil so they smell amazing!  We can customise the scent to suit your requirements, and you will find that this also anchors guests to the experience though smell.  It’s an awesome idea to give them the scent or candle as a take home option, to remind them of your event message whenever it’s lit.


We aim to educate corporate event clients on the impact of their merchandise choices, and opt for natural products with low to no carbon emissions in the production process.  This can include apparel, tote bags and drink ware to name a few.