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The Emerald Room

The Emerald Room 1 - The Emerald Room

Whispers of Elysian visions, secret societal associations, and event design so grand, each place setting looked as though its velveteen seats were reserved for the Gods of event production and design. This is the Event Society difference. And this is what we brought to This is Gold Coast, 2022.

The Emerald Room 1 - The Emerald Room

Projected lighting drenched the room in an ethereal glow, while every eye was held captive by immaculate attention to detail in a spacw that engaged every sense. Theatrical characters were employed to narrate the affair and to further immerse guests in this empyrean realm. Scripted instructions were read aloud and even an oath to recite to be inducted into our all-inclusive Secret Event Society. Perfumed Oil bottles were issued at each table to encourage guests to indulge the senses in every capacity available.

The Emerald Room 2 - The Emerald Room

Upon entry guests were greeted by a scripted character, introduced as the main acts’ Butler, Carlisle. Guests were encouraged to find their seats as they were entertained by Carlisle’s charming demeanour and theatrical antics.

Once seated our new companions were introduced to the central entertainer of the event. Named after the goddess of spring and immortality, Persephone was bathed in warm stage lighting as she sang, perched atop an aerial apparatus. With her skirt billowing out from beneath her, it became the very cloth that dressed the guest table. With the magnificence of this train only further exaggerated by florals attached to the skirt to continue its trail down the centre of the table.

The Emerald Room 3 682x1024 - The Emerald Room

Tall, stemmed chandelier centrepieces with vibrantly arranged frondescence adorned the middle of the table that omitted nothing short of beauty, elegance and grace. An exquisite culinary dish was offered with a choice of a chocolate mousse drenched with orange syrup or vanilla crème mousse topped with strawberry film, to add to the experience.

The Emerald Room 4 683x1024 - The Emerald Room

If you haven’t already gathered by now, Event Society aren’t your average event agency. We offer individuality, creativity and innovation. We offer the opportunity to create elevated moments to transport clients and guests to a universe where the impossible is made reality, heaven is attainable here on earth, and we will stop at nothing to show you that our identity is as singular and unique as they come. It is our belief that one excels where their passions lie, rest assured passion for events does not just reside within us, it is the lifeblood that drives us. It is the first breath of air we draw when we wake, it is the ever-present thought of marvellous and fantastical celebrations, it is the all-consuming devotion we have, to creating unforgettable experiences.

The Emerald Room 5 683x1024 - The Emerald Room

Event Society are pioneers in the realm of event production, event styling and event design. Specialising in corporate event planning, conference management, party styling and everything in between, if you want an event done right – contact our office. Based out of the Gold Coast our company is renowned throughout Australia for its commitment to excellence and our devotion to creating magnificent events.

The Emerald Room 6 - The Emerald Room

Our goal for every event is to see vision turned into reality. At Event Society, we believe that passion is the key, and dedication is the hand that turns it. In order to unlock limitless possibilities for event styling, we offer an enthusiasm and devotion to events, that is unmatched by any other. So, if you’re interested in not just making a room look pretty, but in making an event so devastatingly phenomenal it’s one to go down in the history books – give us a call.

The Emerald Room 7 682x1024 - The Emerald Room

For many cultures the colour of emerald, green holds great significance. The Incas believed emeralds were the tears and daughters of the moon goddess, Umiña. In ancient Greece emeralds were recognised as a symbol of love and hope from the Goddess Venus. In ancient Egypt emeralds were highly revered as an amulet for eternal life. However, the most common theme throughout cultures when considering this magnificent colour, is its recognition as a symbol of growth and new life. And so, it makes perfect sense that Event Society has adopted this rich and expressive colour to adorn its emblem, when we pride ourselves on creating what has never been seen and innovating events so evocative, that they induce an other-worldly experience.