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Moroccan Corporate Event

Moroccan Corporate Event

As the sun drops below the horizon, the vast Arabian Desert is lit by a thousand stars. The lilt of tambourines, guitars and hand drums can be heard quietly at first as you walk towards a Bedouin tent rising out of the desert.

Welcome to Marakech.

Your guests will begin the evening in a Moroccan lounge with oversized floor pillows and ottomans, roving belly dancers and a hookah station. Drinks are served from an impressive illuminated bar.

The interior of the ballroom is transformed into a billowing tent, with rich draping covering the walls and ceiling. Bold colours and intricate patterns are exquisitely glamourous, beckoning guests to lose themselves in the mystical allure of an Arabian Night.

This event theme is accentuated by mind blowing entertainment and food stations serving a range of delectable Moroccan cuisine, to mirror the bustling marketplaces of Marakech….

The following images have been collected from Pinterest, and you can see more of our board here. The first image is a mood board from our creative director to show how these elements would work together.  Beautiful!

If you need assistance planning or styling your Moroccan or Arabian Nights themed wedding, party or corporate event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Screen Shot 2015 05 07 at 1.52.55 pm - Moroccan Corporate Event
Moroccan Event 2 - Moroccan Corporate Event
Moroccan Event 3 - Moroccan Corporate Event
Moroccan Event 4 - Moroccan Corporate Event
Moroccan Event 8 - Moroccan Corporate Event
Moroccan Event 5 - Moroccan Corporate Event
Morrocan Event 1 - Moroccan Corporate Event
moroccan event 7 - Moroccan Corporate Event
Moroccan Event 6 - Moroccan Corporate Event
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