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Gingerbread Christmas Village

Gingerbread Christmas Village 5 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
In the month of December, the magic of Christmas was positioned in the heart of Broadbeach, directly outside of Oasis Shopping mall. What once was an empty stage, became a haven of all things merry and bright. Our Gold Coast Event styling team, worked tirelessly to bring to life the spirit of Christmas, which came in the form of our enchanting Gingerbread Christmas Village. Set design was custom-built and left parents and children alike in awe at the wondrous world they were immersed in.
Gingerbread Christmas Village 1 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
Set production consisted of three large festively decorated shop fronts with windows for performers to peep through. These seamlessly constructed props created the foundations of our Gingerbread village and the three separate sections in which the activities were held in.
Gingerbread Christmas Village 2 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
Pine trees, frosted with fabricated snow adorned the outskirts of each workshop and props that reflected the aesthetic of each area were positioned artfully to create picture perfect moments to last a lifetime. To the left of the stage a six-metre-long wooden train was positioned– with its very own conductor, available for the public to take pictures with.
Gingerbread Christmas Village 3 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
Gingerbread Christmas Village 4 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
Performers were presented in Christmas Elf costumes, rosy-cheeked and ready to spread Christmas cheer!
Gingerbread Christmas Village 5 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
At Event Society we strive to create a completely immersive experience for all our events. To seal the believability and solidify the memory of this event for its participants, we also concocted a mix of Christmas scented oils to be spritzed throughout the day. The Gingerbread Village consisted of three separate activities for children to attend, free of charge. The first activity (and my personal favourite) was Gingerbread making – Yum! Children were ushered to the window of the village bakery to collect their gingerbread biscuits and given frosting and chocolate buttons to decorate with. This particular activity proved to be a crowd favourite.
Gingerbread Christmas Village 6 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
Gingerbread Christmas Village 7 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
The second area housed the  Gingerbread Village Post Office and Christmas forest. In this section, children were invited to sit in front of a vintage park bench, to listen to a Christmas story produced by a local Gold Coast writer.  With pebble pillows to make themselves comfortable and bubbles gently floating through the air, the children listened to an engaging tale, before being given wish lists to complete to send off to Santa in the Post.
Gingerbread Christmas Village 8 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
The final activity area was decorated much like what we’d imagine to be an elf’s workshop. Our performers ushered the children in to collect their bauble shaped ornaments from the shop front window and were seated around large wooden trestle tables. Children were encouraged to decorate their ornaments with their choice of gleaming gems, vibrant coloured markers and an array of sparkly glitters, which made quite the sparkly mess (but also an awful lot of fun).
Gingerbread Christmas Village 9 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
Gingerbread Christmas Village 10 - Gingerbread Christmas Village
We were so proud of our Gingerbread Village and it’s possible we had just as much fun organising this event as the little ones did enjoying it! Your event isn’t the only thing that we’ll bring highly decorated – Event Society is an award-winning event management company recognised and highly sought after in the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions. Event Society’s Homebase is local to the Gold Coast and Brisbane. However, we are frequently hired for event planning, managing and styling nationally. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, conference, festival, awards night, launch event, gala dinner, a milestone celebration or  party, we’ll ensure your event is utterly unforgettable.