Event Theme: Game of Thrones

game of thrones - Event Theme: Game of Thrones

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M’athchomaroon! (That’s Dothraki for “Hi!”) Game of Thrones captivated the world for 8 years, leaving many viewers shocked over the finale. Over the seasons, fans remained dedicated to viewing parties waiting to see who would take the crown and win the throne. Viewing parties became so mainstream, in fact, that venues started to offer watch parties and trivia nights regularly. Check out the Refinery Hotel’s (New York) viewing suite that includes all the essentials you need, not limited to fur throws, goblets, and HBO access! Apart from the show itself, the series has evolved into other event forms, such as pop-up bars, live experiences, and wedding inspiration.

game of thrones style - Event Theme: Game of Thrones

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Although winter may not be coming for the Gold Coast like it did for House of Stark, here at Event Society we are ready to take you back in time and experience the medieval era. Whether you are looking to host an awards night, networking event, or conference, we can cater to your brief and budget! White walkers can roam the floor while Daenerys’ dragons protect the stage for the night’s live performances. In addition, a giant replica of Dany’s war table can be a focal point in the room, as well as the Iron Throne that can serve as a popular photo opportunity for guests.

As an event planning agency, we thrive on designing events that facilitate connection, and what better way to bring guests together than by immersing them in one of the most popular television shows in history? Contact us today at 0416 437 941 to turn your vision into reality!

Game of Thrones Style - Event Theme: Game of Thrones