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Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City

1 - Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City

As the September school holidays approached, Ipswich City Council commissioned Event Society, one of the leading event planners in Brisbane, to create a vibrant and sustainable event in the Nicholas St Precinct. With a vision to bring a festival atmosphere to the heart of the city, Event Society designed an activation that embodied the spirit of spring. The Spring Vibes event delighted attendees with live kiddie DJ sets, boho marquees hosting craft workshops, and a focus on sustainability through the use of recycled materials for craft supplies. With a bright and sunny color scheme and natural palette furniture, the activation not only celebrated the season but also supported the local community by driving visitation to the precinct and providing fun and free activities for families.

1 - Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City

Event Society transformed the Nicholas St Precinct into a lively and colourful space, perfect for families and children. Live kiddie DJ sets provided an upbeat soundtrack, creating a vibrant atmosphere that added to the overall festival feel. The boho marquees hosted engaging craft workshops, where attendees could create unique masterpieces using recycled materials. Craft supplies made from items such as cupcake liners, paper cups, and seedling pods allowed for a sustainable and eco-friendly experience. The emphasis on creativity and sustainability ensured that Spring Vibes was both entertaining and educational.

2 - Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City

In line with our commitment to sustainability, Event Society utilised recycled materials for the craft supplies at Spring Vibes. By encouraging attendees to repurpose materials, Event Society aimed to raise awareness about sustainable practices in a fun and interactive way. The event styling followed a bright spring color scheme, featuring shades of orange, yellow, mint green, and sky blue. Natural palette furniture was incorporated to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, seamlessly blending with the surrounding environment.

3 - Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City

To further enhance the immersive atmosphere, Event Society offered additional entertainment options. Face painting, balloon twisting, and roving performers added a touch of magic and whimsy to the event. These enchanting elements not only delighted the attendees but also created opportunities for memorable interactions and moments of joy. Working with council to curate a diverse range of activities, Event Society ensured that Spring Vibes catered to the interests and preferences of all visitors, fostering a sense of community and togetherness.

4 - Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City

Beyond the experience itself, Spring Vibes also aimed to support the local community. By attracting visitors to the Nicholas St Precinct, the event provided a boost to local retailers and outlets. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the precinct, discover local businesses, and enjoy the unique offerings of the area. Through our commitment to community engagement, Event Society demonstrated our dedication to creating events that not only entertain but also contribute to the growth and development of Brisbane’s event landscape.

5 - Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City

Event Society’s Spring Vibes activation in the Nicholas St Precinct showcased our expertise as event planners, stylists, and organisers in Brisbane. The festival-like atmosphere, sustainable craft workshops, and engaging entertainment options made it a must-visit event for families during the September school holidays. The event’s success in supporting the local community highlighted our commitment to fostering meaningful connections between attendees and local businesses. As we continue to elevate the event landscape in Brisbane, our passion for creating unforgettable experiences shines through in every activation we undertake. Get in touch today to discuss how we can assist with your next activation.

6 - Event Society Brings Spring Vibes to Ipswich City