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Corporate Events in Tunnels!

Corporate Events in Tunnels

I am obsessed with events. It really isn’t a 9-5, it’s an all-consuming passion. Every time I drive past a flat patch of ground I think “we could put a marquee there”. When I stop at the traffic lights I dream of industrial street scenes, creating an inside out party. Likewise, every time I drive through a tunnel, I imagine how amazing it would be to stop the flow of traffic and create a long and luxurious banquet table running down the middle of the bitumen.

I went scouring the web to see what had been done before and discovered some incredible events from around the world set in tunnels.

In France, a secret group called “We are the Oracle”  set up secret dinners on abandoned railway tracks. Can you believe how beautiful fairylights look on the tracks!

Then there’s the old tunnelling stone wine cellars..I WISH we had venues like this on the Gold Coast. The organic feel of the rough-hewn walls makes you feel as if you are dining under the ground. The images below have been perfectly styled with flowers and lighting to soften the surroundings.

There are actual converted tunnels that are now restaurant and event spaces….INCREDIBLE!!! I just want to go and sit and drink in the atmosphere.

An amazing event that looks like it’s in a tunnel was this ridiculous fashion parade.

It’s all too amazing, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to produce our first tunnel event!

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