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Coachella Christmas party

Coachella 9 - Coachella Christmas party

This Coachella themed Christmas party spun us right out of reality and into a realm of festival dreams and decadent colour schemes. Through trials and tribulations, we withstood the threat of Covid lockdowns and restriction coming in and out of play over a six-month period, in hopes that we could produce one of the most epic events we’d ever had the opportunity to work on.

Coachella 1 - Coachella Christmas party
Coachella 2 - Coachella Christmas party

When we were contracted to produce a corporate Christmas party of such an incredible standard, we immediately applied glitter tattoos and braided our hair in preparation. Featuring Carnival rides, pop-up cocktail bars, face paint, glitter and an all white jumping castle, this event was just as much a dream come true for the inner child, as it was for us as an event styling company on the Gold Coast.

Coachella 3 - Coachella Christmas party
Coachella 4 - Coachella Christmas party

This Coachella themed Christmas celebration for staff and partners was produced in at the height of the sunny Gold Coasts summer. Held at the regional beauty, Polly’s Country Kitchen, A bare strip of land was transformed into a party of epic proportions. Polly’s is surely one of the Gold Coasts best kept secrets, its allure being the gorgeous surroundings being located at the base of Springbrook Mountain.

Coachella 5 - Coachella Christmas party

In line with the high ends bathroom tapware, each space was designed in colourful shades of  Clay, Dusk, Posy, Solis, Almond and Flora to create a trendy yet sophisticated space. The events colour scheme co-ordinated well with the natural foliage and fauna that surrounds Polly’s Country Kitchen which made for a picturesque experience for this incredible festival. Each colour was responsive to a theme that reflected its essence. For example, the gentle hues of blue within ‘Dusk’ were accented throughout a large open aired seating area in front of a stunning mobile drink bar. The vibrancy of ‘Solis’ was cultivated in the stage area where talented acts sang smooth tunes into the evening before a lively performance by local Gold Coast DJ’s was provided to accentuate the festival aesthetic as well as get people out and onto the dance floor.

Coachella 6 - Coachella Christmas party

‘Flora’ became a beacon of all things delicious as a designated food zone. Whilst the ‘Posy’ lounge offered a perfect place to recover from a self-inflicted food coma. Each area was styled immaculately and incapsulated the spirit of festivity through the magnificent form of this festival themed event.

Coachella 7 - Coachella Christmas party
Coachella 8 - Coachella Christmas party
Coachella 9 - Coachella Christmas party

Event Society revels in the artistic form of event styling for all occasions, but we particularly love when we have the opportunity to push the boundaries to create elevated moments for our clients and their guests. Being local to the Gold Coast and Brisbane allows us the insight into the hidden gems of these great cities for festivals, private functions, corporate parties and conferences, alike.

Contact Event Society directly for more information on all things event related. Whether its event managing, styling or planning, we consistently strive to make every event as spectacular as the last.

Coachella 10 - Coachella Christmas party
Coachella 11 - Coachella Christmas party