The whole world is still reeling from the events of the last 12 months. “Things” are nowhere near “normal” and the events industry as a whole is still confused and scared, asking “where to next?”

THE ONE WHERE EVENT SOCIETY PLANS YOUR EVENT. During this quarantine, and with talks of a reunion special (dear God PLEASE) we can’t help but binge some of our favourite shows, including the classic series FRIENDS!

When you think of the Melbourne cityscape, what words come to mind? Here at Event Society, we think of the industrial and urban atmosphere, the streets lined with graffiti, and the bustling noise of city-goers.

M’athchomaroon! (That’s Dothraki for “Hi!”) Game of Thrones captivated the world for 8 years, leaving many viewers shocked over the finale.

Twilight Table is one of our favourite events on the calendar.  It combines all of the things we love:  a spectacular outdoor setting, amazing food, a Gold Coast sunset and a lavish banquet table.

Whether you identify as a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff, here at Event Society we can cast some spells and turn your Harry Potter event into a magical evening to remember.

Destination Gold Coast recently published the QBES (Queensland Business Events Survey) results – and it’s wonderful news for Gold Coast event planners!

If you want to party with the beautiful people, you need to get an invite to the next Oscar Oscar “do” (ha…is that a pun?).

What a spectacula venue to bring in 2020! Skypoint is Australia’s only beach-side observation deck and will be transformed to a neon 80’s party land this new year’s eve.

Place estate agents was established in 2002 with a clear vision: to be Brisbane’s best residential estate agency. Today, Place dominate the Brisbane marker with their focus solely dedicated to our city. By being local experts their agents are handpicked, and have the advantage of years of experience and inside knowledge.