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Themed Event Ideas For 2022

unnamed - Themed Event Ideas For 2022

Over the years, the event industry has evolved, with trends coming and going. What was in two years ago might be old news now. 

Therefore, if you are contemplating your next big event, you will want to incorporate that wow factor to ensure that your event is memorable for all who attend. And what better way to achieve this than with a themed event? 

No matter what, event theming in Brisbane never gets old. Let us look at some of the hottest trends for your themed event in 2022.

Masquerade / Venetian 

Who would not want to attend a Venetian ball? With an element of mystery comes surprise and luxury with this ever-trendy theme for any event. 

The masquerade theme offers a sophisticated mood and an opportunity for those attending to whip out their best mask and arrive half-hidden for the night ahead. You can be assured that with this theme, champagne will flow and dancing will commence, with a night of luxury and mystery ahead. 

unnamed - Themed Event Ideas For 2022

Kings & Queens 

We saw the likes of Bridgerton Season 2 soaring with popularity, as well as the Met Gala adopting the theme of nobility this year. With all this royalty and riches celebrated by high-society individuals, there is no reason why you should not consider this as a winning theme for your next big event either. 

With Kings & Queens as your theme, you can focus on everything royal, luxurious and expensive (looking). Adorn the space with luxurious fabrics like velvets and tapestries for a castle-like effect and hire jesters to keep spirits lighthearted. 

Your guests can draw from any era they choose, or not at all. This theme leaves room for exploration while still being specific enough so that attendees are not confused by your theme. 

unnamed 4 - Themed Event Ideas For 2022

Winter Wonderland

This theme is fun for anyone, especially if you are not accustomed to experiencing those snowy cold winters that the northern hemisphere is most famous for. 

This theme offers a whimsical aesthetic, with snowflakes, cool tones, silvers and snowy white elements. This theme could be fabulous for any wedding, birthday party or winter event. You could implement an all-white dress code while transporting your guests to a snowy wonderland packed with icy cocktails, snow cones and much more. 

unnamed 1 1 - Themed Event Ideas For 2022


On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could also bring your party into the future. Futurism is a super cool theme for several different kinds of events. Because sci-fi is such a popular aspect of modern culture, you could draw inspiration from several sources. 

Think Star Wars, Doctor Who or The Hunger Games. This theme works perfectly for corporate events or events based on future projects for your company. 

unnamed 2 1 - Themed Event Ideas For 2022

With so many enticing themes to choose from in 2022, there is no reason to host an event without one. Take your Brisbane event theming up several notches with any of these ideas and with the help of an expert event planning company. At Event Society, we can help make your vision come to life. To learn more, contact us today!