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Table Layouts

Table Layout

We love corporate events that give us the opportunity to be uniquely creative. When clients come with a vague idea, or no idea at all, there is so much scope with colour and decor, and for us to push design boundaries that will really wow the crowd.

Traditional themes like Cotton Club or Cirque can be reinvented for 2018 in new and engaging ways, and one of my favourite ways to do this is with table layouts.

Forget the rounds to seat 10…the tables themselves can be set out in a way that is a feast for the eyes and immediately creates impact when guests enter the space.

We are constantly finding inspiration from world leaders in the event game, that we can’t wait to bring to our Brisbane and Gold Coast clients.

Here’s some of our faves:

Banquet Tables
Suckers for symmetry, we luuuuuuuurve long tables with perfectly aligned centrepieces, dinnerware and napery that stretches on forever. This table layout also lends itself to popular feasting menus so guests can share and commune together over delicious platters of exquisite food.

Geometric Tables
But, long tables don’t have to be in a straight line. The geometric shape pictured below from the creative minds of HMR Designs is a masterpiece, snaking in sharp edges and perfectly filling the space.

Cross Table Layout
We’re still waiting for the right client and event to do this….but when we do it will be so much fun! This layout means you don’t need to go overboard with lots of table decor (did I just say that?) but instead have huge statement centrepieces at the meeting point.

Mix ‘em up!
Mixing round and square tables is also effective and allows you to have slightly different table designs for each shape. Stick to the same colour scheme, but mix and match textures and patterns to creates aesthetic interest as soon as your guests enter.

Curved Tables
Also known as Serpentine Tables, these curved beauties add a modern and whimsical edge and its likely that even the seasoned event goer hasn’t seen them before. They also work for food stations or buffets.

Have a peak at all of these ideas and more from event designers we respect from around the world, and if you need help planning, managing or styling your next event, get in contact.

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