Product Launches

Launching a new product or service is the most important event you will ever produce, and it should be done impeccably well. A well-designed product launch is a celebration of the work you have put in, and an opportunity to show your potential clientele why they need this in their lives. Done right, it can propel your business forward in the direction you need for growth. 

At Sugar & Spice Events, we like to party, and we live the energy and buzz created around new business. If you are looking for a corporate event planner to launch your event on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, we would love to hear from you.

In the mean time, here we outline our top 5 tips to ensure your product launch is a well-executed event.


This is the first taste of your event. Make them want to come! Be creative and be cohesive. Ensure they are branded to match the event, and create a sense of excitement for what is to follow. We LOVE these colourful paper plane invitations below. 

Product Launch Invites - Product Launches

Choosing a venue: 

Choose a venue that reflects your product and the brand you want to enforce on the day. We recently launched a new brand of vegan pizzas, and we did so in an industrial warehouse venue, with exposed brick walls and a mix of rustic and modern decor. 

If your product is glam like this Maserati launch,  so should your venue and choice of decor. Or perhaps a clear stage over a rooftop pool with uninterrupted views of the glittering city is more your style. Sublime!

Product Launch 1 - Product Launches
Product Launch 2 - Product Launches

Grand entrance:

The event date has arrived and guests are arriving to your launch. The standard red carpet entry certainly has its place, but a bold feature such as the lock entry door below will leave an impression that will never be forgotten. First impressions are EVERYTHING. 

Event Grand Entrance - Product Launches

Stage design: 

If the event is a sit down soirée, your guests will be looking at the stage area for the entire night. It’s imperative that this is visually engaging and the best way to achieve this is through interesting stage shapes and audio visual. The use of multiple screens means that the media is constantly changing and fresh for the eyes. 

Event stage design - Product Launches
Stage set 2 - Product Launches
Multimedia stage design - Product Launches
product launch - Product Launches


It was Maya Angelou who said people will never forget how you made them feel. Guests can take home a piece of your event that will live with them forever through interactive activities that encourage joy and sharing. Games and photo booths are a great way to do this, with the latter having the added benefit of social sharing and exponentially increasing your reach to a wider audience. 

Brisbane COrporate Events - Product Launches
Corporate Event Planner - Product Launches
Event Photo Booth - Product Launches

As experienced event planners in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we will ensure that all of the above details are planned seamlessly for your corporate events. Your event is our passion, and our expert team of event managers and designers have unrivalled attention to detail and enthusiasm. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss in detail your product launch and get the planning started, to ensure your next venture is the success it deserves to be.