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Futuristic Theme

futuristic theme - Futuristic Theme


Imagine what the world could be like in 100 or even 1000 years. The flying cars and alien visitors haven’t arrived yet (at least officially), but who said it’s too soon to explore the possibilities?

We can’t all be scientists or astronauts, but nothing’s stopping you from being creative with your next event theme. Host an event with a futuristic theme to give your guests an out of this world experience with these easy ideas from Event Society.

Starry, Starry Night: A Luminous Affair

The most important part of creating a convincing futuristic theme is the lighting. A black, beautifully lit room is a good place to start. Have two planetarium style projections moving through the room to give the feeling of space travel.

Hire neon-clad performers for entertainment and use neon and fairy lights to section off different parts of the room. This makes for an engaging, other-worldly space for guests to experience.

Balloons Galore

Props will be a cherry on top of the already extra-terrestrial atmosphere. Place some inflatable stars and orbs throughout the venue to work with the moving projections, and you’re good to go. Helium blow-ups will be best to keep the UFOs flying all night.

What Should They Wear to the Future?

We’re not sure how much will have changed in the next millennium, but “All That Glitters…” is a safe bet for an edgy, futuristic dress code. Shiny, sleek outfits will look superb with the backdrop a starry, black-draped room brimming with inflatable UFOs and silver balloons.

Another idea is to brief your guests to come dressed in “All-White Space Travel” or “Celestial-silver inspired” outfits. Everyone attending will glow under the black light, creating an eerie celestial ambience.

A Seat at the Time Travel Table

Long, rectangular banquet tables are a non-traditional take on gala event seating arrangements. They’ll work best covered in black tablecloths with white runners that glow under black lights. Include illuminated “nebula” centrepieces and white charger plates to give a “glowing” feel at each table.

A white dance floor with LED lighting illuminates the room so that guests will dance both on and under the stars at this truly unforgettable gala event.

Need a lift to the future? Contact the professional team at Event Society for out of this world services on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

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A futuristic theme - Futuristic Theme