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Event Society Event Management Services Top Tips To Maximise Ticket Sales

unnamed 5 1 - Event Society Event Management Services Top Tips To Maximise Ticket Sales

Now that we officially have the majority of social distancing requirements out of the way, it is time to capture the hearts and minds of audiences and attendees across Australia. But before you captivate them with your event extravaganza, you have to catch their attention and their ticket sales. 

Event Society is a team of event management service professionals in Australia that specialises in the creation of spectacular, memorable events that deliver on entertainment. We are passionate about event success which is why we are here to bring you these tips to maximise your event ticket sales.

unnamed 5 1 - Event Society Event Management Services Top Tips To Maximise Ticket Sales

Set Targets And Evaluate Your Budget

To boost your revenue, start by setting your overall target in real numbers. Next, you can work back to create a series of smaller, incremental targets. 

To boost revenue, you must measure it in real numbers and set an overall target you would like to reach with your ticket sales. Work back in increments, and break your target down into monthly/weekly goals. This forms the base of your sales strategy.

Ramp Up Your Social Media Efforts

You know your prospective attendees are on Facebook and Instagram, but reaching them with the proper messaging can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, solutions like targeted paid advertising exist. Ramp up your social media campaigns ahead of your event, and don’t underestimate the power of getting started well in advance.

Streamline Sales & Marketing Channels

Another critical factor is evaluating if your site’s traffic is translating to ticket sales. Ensure you are doing simple maintenance and updating your website and ticket sales platforms periodically. Check that you are using the latest sales persuasion strategies, and ensure ease of use for attendees. This way, you will optimise your website as a seamless sales machine. In fact, you are going to want to increase every aspect of your digital media marketing spend ahead of your event date for an effective ROI.

unnamed 6 - Event Society Event Management Services Top Tips To Maximise Ticket Sales

Offer Different Ticket Categories 

Consider premium category tickets that provide a VIP experience such as entrance, complimentary beverages or a meet-and-greet with performers.

You can even head in the other direction and charge less for early bird tickets, which encourages early ticket sales, half-day admission or even digital attendance to appeal to the demographic who “aren’t sure yet” or are too far away.

Talk To The Event Management Professionals

Lastly, you are going to want to have a team of event management service professionals on your side. This way, you can execute your event just how you envisioned, with more of the guaranteed success and less stress. 

You know it’s going to be a success, so while you focus on selling tickets, we will handle the venues, the catering, the entertainment and the audio visual aspects of your event’s success. Enter an elite club of exclusive, extravagant event holders – contact Event Society today and let’s get planning.

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