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COVID-19: Some Positive News to Fill Your Feed



Around the same time as the 2019 Queensland Business Events Survey results were released, which highlighted the strong business growth over the past year for Gold Coast event planning agencies, COVID-19 was just breaking out. As quickly as we were feeling confident, calm, and excited for the new year, this pandemic has caused the world to pause, make difficult choices, and work together toward a global goal. Businesses, schools, and families around the world are facing similar challenges, and our news feed has been inundated with concerning developments. As we are in the midst of closing borders and wondering what the rest of the year will look like, here at Event Society, we would like to take a moment to try to find some positives that can result from this unprecedented time:

1. Attention to Pollution: Climate change has been an ongoing conversation for decades, but this is the first time that the population has been ordered to stay indoors for such a lengthy period. As a result, we are able to see how much we contribute to carbon emissions, as demonstrated in images captured of China. Due to the overwhelming amount of jobs being made redundant around the world, the future rebuilding of economies could serve as a catalyst for job creation in clean energy.

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2. Working from Home: As COVID-19 gained traction, businesses around the world opted for employees to work remotely. Unfortunately, only a fraction of businesses are currently in operation at this stage. Although it is hard to think of a positive coming from companies being forced to make such impactful decisions, if the working from home trend continues post-COVID-19, then our carbon footprint will continue to be minimised. As air pollution causes many pre-mature deaths around the world, hopefully this reduction will save more lives in the long-term.

3. A Reminder of What Matters: As the old saying goes, “Focus on what matters, and let go of what doesn’t.” We all entered 2020 with new goals and ideas for an ideal way of life. Amidst all the darkness this virus has caused, we have been reminded of what matters most: our own wellbeing, healthy family and friends, and security. While we are distracted with getting through this tough time, we have had to put our minor grievances on hold and focus solely on our priorities.

4. Hope for the Future: As an event management company, we have experienced the direct impact of the paused tourism industry. Our services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast have been limited, similar to our industry partners and friends, but we recognise this change as a temporary challenge and expect end of year events to go ahead. With this outlook, we have hope for the future and are excited to take extra time now to begin preparations!

Have any questions or concerns related to event planning industry? Have an idea for a future Sunshine coast corporate events? It’s never too soon to start planning, so contact us today at 0416 437 941 to share some positivity!

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