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Calleija 2020

9 Brisbane Conference Planner - Calleija 2020

The whole world is still reeling from the events of the last 12 months. “Things” are nowhere near “normal” and the events industry as a whole is still confused and scared, asking “where to next?”

So when one of fave clients, Calleija, called for help with a festive party to celebrate The legacy of Argyle Pink Diamonds, the Event Society team was thrilled to put the band back together after sitting on the couch for the better part of 2020.

After 37 years of mining rare pink diamonds in Western Australia, the Argyle mine is now closed. As the world’s largest source of rare pink diamonds, the closure will significantly impact the diamond market and make those pink diamonds in circulation even more valuable.

26 John Calleija - Calleija 2020
28 Argyle Diamond Event - Calleija 2020
13 Calleija Event Planner - Calleija 2020

Calleija are renowned for their glorious and bespoke pink diamond creations and managed to get their hands on some of the largest and last pink diamonds to come out of the Argyle mine.

Sounds like a reason to celebrate.

The theme was “Shades of Pink” aaaaaaand we really NEXT LEVELLED it.

24 Marina MIrage Events - Calleija 2020

Held outside the Calleija boutique in Marina Mirage, our experienced team of event planners designed a chic pink party for guests to revel in. The celebration was made even more special due to the fact that corporate events had been postponed or cancelled for most of the year. This was one party that wouldn’t be missed.

1 Gold Coast Event Manager - Calleija 2020
4 Gold Coast Event Designer - Calleija 2020
2 Brisbane Event Planner - Calleija 2020

With soft pink lighting delicately illuminating the space, guests enjoyed an exquisite arrival experience. Wandering down a silky hot pink “carpet” to the incredible musical talent of an elevated classical violinist. The act was so impressive that guests wanted to arrive over and over again!

3 Gold Coast Event Planner - Calleija 2020

Pink ink gin cocktails festooned with flowers welcomed guests into the event space and into the comfortable embrace of luxurious velvet furnishings. Customised bars and marble topped high tables added to the sophisticated and bespoke nature of the event.

7 Brisbane Conference PLanner - Calleija 2020
18 Ink Gin Cocktail - Calleija 2020
12 Brisbane Event Oganiser - Calleija 2020

Spectacular pink floral arrangements cascaded from bars and tables with a whimsical and unstructured feel. To be honest, I would never have said pink flowers were my favourite, but WOW… these ones changed me!

Of course catering followed suit with a customised pink menu that was cohesive to the theme. Campari-soaked watermelon, grapefruit and pink gin infused salmon and pink ribbon finger sandwiched were just some of the delightful delicacies that guests fine dined on. Followed by dessert canapés that included Dragonfruit and ginger lime sorbet, baby Negroni meringue tarts and white chocolate Turkish delight rocky road.

19 Brisbane Event Catering - Calleija 2020
23 Gold Coast Event Cartering - Calleija 2020

The night was a huge success and it felt so good to see the events industry working again, doing what we love to do:  providing sensory experiences for our guests that give them an “out of the ordinary’ experience.

32 Gold Coast Fire Performer - Calleija 2020
6 Gold Coast Conference Planner - Calleija 2020

Huge thanks to Maleika Halpin for the images.  See more on our gallery here.

All of us in the events industry are slowly accepting the new normal and becoming well-acquainted with the rules, restrictions and regulations in a post-pandemic world.

Event Society is an event planner adept at providing COVID safe corporate events throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and through Queensland as a whole.  Our creative team take care of event styling and event organising as well as conference management on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.  Being a conference and event planner is challenging at present and event management companies throughout Australia are suffering.  Some that have been around for decades have had to close their doors permanently after mass gatherings were restricted in 2020.

If you are reading this, you can help event companies throughout Brisbane, the Gold Coast and greater Queensland by hosting a COVID safe event.  Corporate event planners and event organisers are possibly one of the industries that have been hardest hit due to the nature of our industry not being able to operate.  It could also be one of the longest to recover due to the long lead time required to book and plan an event.

In 2021, event managers and conference organisers understand we will not return to “normal” – to pre-COVID style events.  That will take years.  But if you have an idea for a corporate event that you are thinking about planning, consider engaging a Gold Coast event organiser.  It will help small business, the industry as a whole, and the Australian economy.  Not to mention of course – your event.

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