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Guys… I was asked to go on a podcast and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a celebrity. Hey, it may be the closest I get to fame so let me have my 46minutes and just tell me how you now want to be my best friend.

The Aussie Ambitions podcast is the brainchild of Scott Springer of LaunchPad.

LaunchPad is a Gold Coast business creating features on other Gold Coast small business owners. Their goal is to help showcase the Event Society story, highlighting the personality of our event company in Australia, what it stands for, the importance of its role in the community and my ambitions for it. LaunchPad offered the opportunity to explore what ambition means in their swanky newly-built recording studio in Southport.

So on a rainy Gold Coast day I trotted off to chat all things events and business and ambition…which are kinda my favourite things.

What will you hear? In the words of Aussie Ambitions:

Events are experiences, they can be unforgettable moments.  They are sensory and often difficult to fully capture and appreciate if you weren’t there to experience it first hand.  We get to hear about how Decinda got started in the world of events, and the first steps to creating a business based on your own interests from scratch.  We also get to hear how to find the balance as a business owner.  Delegation, learning own skills, and refining your own role as a business owner all play a key part, and you can hear Decinda’s refreshing view on balancing achievements and personal freedoms.  Give yourself mental space to see more.  Do things differently.  Two of the wise words shared by Decinda during our exploratory session.

Check out the two links below. For the busy folk, we’ve edited the 3 minutes that are the most important…you definitely want to listen to that.

The second link is the full interview, click the link and have it play in the background of whatever you’re doing…. or just give it your undivided attention…you know…whatever works 🙂

The Aussie Ambitions podcast was launched on Australia Day 2021 and is on track to have some bangin’ guests over the year. Subscribe below to get your fix of Gold Coast business news presented in a relaxed and entertaining way. We do business with people after all, and it’s always refreshing to get the opportunity to find out more about the humans behind the brand.

LaunchPad’s first goal is to get to 1000 subscribers on youtube so swing by and subscribe to their channel and socials at the links below.

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