Experiential Marketing” and “Brand Activations” are marketing buzzwords that you have no doubt heard being thrown around.  So, what do they mean?

Essentially, it’s giving people, possibly potential clients, an experience to create awareness and engagement around your brand.

These kind of event activations are vital especially for new products or services, as they need to be “activated”…to be brought to life and start generating an emotional connection.

And guess what – we LOVE them.

Activations are still events, but they are totally different to a traditional gala or awards night.  They are often in public spaces, with limited room and resources, so we need to get really creative about how to engage your audience and make them feel something that will connect them to your brand.  Activations allow people to interact with your brand in a creative and fun way that will stick in their memory.

There are incredible event agencies from around the world doing AMAZING things in this space, and if you want to see some rad examples, click here to see them on our blog

But activations aren’t just for new products or services, but also for re-brands.

Re-branding an existing company means we need to change people’s minds about what they thought the brand was, and re-educate them to what the new brand now stands for.   Re-brands present a great opportunity to remind people that you are still here, still relevant and by the way – check out all of this great stuff we have been doing in the process.  They encourage brand loyalty, which in turn leads to sales and increased revenue.

We love working with Shopping Centres across the Gold Coast and Brisbane on this type of campaign or any brands that require an awareness marketing push.

There is so much work that goes into a successful brand activation:  finding the right venue, target market research, marketing collateral, prop building, promotional teams, and delivery from conceptual stages through to completion.  It’s important that the activation is marketed properly, and there is a solid roll out plan in place to keep up the chatter long after the event is finished.  Partnering with a PR company is the way to go if you have the resources, and we have the best in the region in our little black book.

Brand activations are a lot of work, and could be daunting to the uninitiated, but you don’t have to do this yourself.  With Event Society you have access to our big creative brains that craft immersive experiences to REALLY make your brand stick.

So, if you are about to launch a product or brand and you need some help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.