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Welcome To The Secret Society

So – you’re planning an event.

You’ve probably googled “event planner” and come up with a list so exhaustive it’s exhausting. Even finding an event planner to plan the event is a task you just don’t have time for.

Well let me save you the trouble…. You found us. And we do things differently here.

We are event planners who know that the world has changed, but our industry still hasn’t quite caught up.

Every hotel, every conference centre and every event planner are doing different versions of the same thing.

Events have become just another thing companies do to tick off a to do list, with success being measured by one thing: they happened.

Corporate events have become a formula: food + beverages + band + centrepieces = event.

But we believe there is an untapped potential within events, to create worlds that people escape to that are transformational.

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Our Event Services

I like to imagine a sky diver, about to jump out of a plane. He has taken himself outside of his usual life, his usual daily activities, to experience a moment of extraordinary elevation. As he is perched on the edge of the plane, he is thinking about nothing other than what he needs to do, second by second, fully immersed in the action he is about to take.

In our daily lives, we rarely get this opportunity. We are INUNDATED with messages. Billboards on the highway, pop-ups when we scroll through facebook and instagram, bus stop posters, social media, constant radio ads, fliers, letters and catalogues, telemarketing calls, emails, text messages, e-newsletters and television and the rest.

But, just like the sky diver, Gold Coast events provide a unique opportunity to block out all of the noise, all of the distraction and all of the competition, for one night only, with your target audience in a room, attention undivided.

Commercially, then, corporate events become an incredibly powerful marketing tool, to deliver your brand, your objective and your message. Our team of Gold Coast event managers are skilled in crafting elevated moments that connect your audience to that experience in time forever.

Our conference organisers offer corporate event services and conference management services Australia.

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Event Planning and Management

This is your opportunity to own a moment in their memory.

But guess what – this isn’t done by churning out chicken and fish in a ballroom, booking a band and putting centrepieces on round clothed tables.

No. That’s the same type of event guests have already been to 100 times before, and they are disconnected before they even enter the room.

That’s where we come in.

With seventeen years of industry experience and a unique take on the events industry as a whole, Event Society brings an unforgettable type of insight to event planning conference, that completely breaks the script of a standard corporate gala. We bring strategy and creative direction that will engage and excite your audience, and truly deliver an event that is innovative and unique, and will become a defining moment in the lives of your guests.

We have a track record of high-calibre clients who have chosen to work with us because we think differently and this leads to an unforgettable event experience.

Our services are available Australia-wide, with event planning, event management conference and styling specifically across Queensland. Brisbane and the Gold Coast is our specialty. If you are looking for the best event management company in Sunshine Coast Brisbane & on the Gold Coast. Contact Event Society for an event organiser for your next event!

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What We Do

Our Event Services

Creative and proactive vision is something we are proudly implementing to our projects with love, style and precision.

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